Marukyu - Groundbaits

The Marukyu Groundbait Ranges have been specifically developed for UK conditions and developed by UK Anglers. We would recommend using in conjunction with SKRILL™ Pelletz or J Pelletz for the ultimate attraction!

After listening to customer feedback, Marukyu has reworked its two entry level groundbaits to give more fish drawing power and more versatility. The result is two new products - one designed for Method feeder when an angler wants a heavier mix, and one for a lighter all-round mix, these are the Luxus Method and Luxus Active.

Both Luxus Method and Luxus Active have been developed specifically for when anglers want an increased volume of bait. They still contain the same groundbreaking levels of attraction as our Professional Series baits - but have increased carrying capacity - allowing the angler to add more freebies to the fishing area.

Marukyu Luxus Groundbait Range
Luxus Sweet Success
Marukyu Luxus Sweet Success £3.99 800g / £5.99 2kg

Marukyu Luxus Sweet Success is a sweet smelling, sweet tasting, cereal-based groundbait using our proven ingredients. The balance of food to key attractors means that Sweet Success is not only high in nutritional value but will also keep fish feeding for long periods of time.

The golden coloured mix uses no artificial colourings - and the finer grain size allows it to be used in deeper and faster flowing water than other products in the Luxus range.

Sweet Success has been designed to appeal to all fish at all temperatures - use with confidence throughout the year!

Luxus Sweet Success is available in 800g and 2kg bags

At a glance

  • Easy to mix and easy to use
  • Ideal for pole and feeder
  • Suitable for all venues
  • Use for Carp, F1s, Bream, Tench, Roach

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Luxus Sweet Fishmeal
Marukyu Luxus Sweet Fishmeal £3.99 800g / £5.99 2kg

Marukyu Luxus Sweet Fishmeal After listening to feedback from our field testers and after months of development we are pleased to announce the arrival of Luxus Sweet Fishmeal – a sweetened fishmeal groundbait offering the high attraction of fishmeal coupled with super sweet characteristics. This is a true hybrid groundbait that really does appeal to the senses of the fish.

Sweet Fishmeal is super easy to mix – just like you’d expect from a Marukyu groundbait. The bait has been specifically developed for use in Method Moulds, but is equally at home in a pole cup, PVA bag, cage feeder or however you want.

Use in conjunction with SKRILL™ Pelletz for the ultimate attraction! Sweet Fishmeal is available in 800g and 2kg bags

At a glance

  • Easy to mix and easy to use
  • Perfect for Method Mixes
  • Suitable for all venues
  • Use for Carp, F1s, Bream, Tench, Roach

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Luxus Method
Marukyu Luxus Method £3.99 800g / £5.99 2kg

Marukyu Luxus Method Designed specifically for Method fishing from the ground up. Luxus Method is easy to mix, easy to use in either a Method mould, or shaped by hand. The groundbait is sticky, yet active - breaking down in a controlled way.

Available in 800g and 2kg bags

At a glance

  • Designed to be easy to mix, easy to use
  • Suitable for all venues
  • Designed for Method Feeders, or a heavy mix
  • Packed full of attractants
  • High food value - hold fish for longer
  • Suitable for Carp, Bream, Roach, F1s and all other coarse fish

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Luxus Active
Marukyu Luxus Active £3.99 800g / £5.99 2kg

Marukyu Luxus Active As its name suggests, Luxus Active is a high energy mix packed full of visual and scent attraction. The groundbait works the instant that it hits the water, leaching out scent and particles.

How you mix the bait will have an impact on how it works. Mix it fairly dry for explosive results in the feeder. A slightly wetter mix will allow you to fish deeper. The choice is yours!

Available in 800g and 2kg bags

At a glance

  • Designed to be easy to mix, easy to use
  • Suitable for all venues
  • Packed full of visual and scent attractants
  • High food value - hold fish for longer
  • Suitable for Carp, Bream, Roach, F1s and all other coarse fish

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Marukyu EFG Groundbait Range
EFG 130 131Groundbaits
Marukyu EFG 130 & 131 £4.99 900g

Marukyu EFG 130 & EFG 131 The groundbait is based on an all species bait formula using Nori as its main ingredient. If you want to target carp, F1s, bream, chub and barbel then the EFG 130 series is the bait for you.

The smaller particles are designed for very fast attraction, essential in coldwater conditions. The deceiving sticky texture will not make such a big visual cloud, this is important for cold-water fishing, as it will concentrate the fish into a smaller area.

Exclusive amino acids and essential feeding triggers designed for cold conditions will attract and stimulate docile fish. The controlled breakdown speed means that a small amount of bait will be attracting for a much longer period, essential when you use less bait and feed less frequently than in the summer.

The attracting particles are very soft, essential when the fish’s metabolic rate slows down and they are less hungry.

At a glance

  • Infused with Nori and Coldwater Attractants
  • Developed for extremely fast flavour release
  • Also makes perfect paste mixed 1-to-1
  • Use for Carp, F1s, Bream, Tench, Barbel
  • Low Nutritional Value
  • Designed not to make a cloud - essential for Coldwater fishing
  • Controlled Breakdown Spead


EFG 130 (fine version)

EFG 131(medium version)

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EFG 140 142 Groundbaits
Marukyu EFG 140 & 142 £4.99 900g

Marukyu EFG 140 & EFG 142 These are for the BIG fish! EFG 140 (fine particle) and EFG 142 (BIG particle) are baits designed with specimen sized fish in mind.

Made from 57 ingredients these high protein baits contain Tanishi – Marukyu’s special water snail formula. EFG 142 also contains water snail pellets for added fizz and attraction.

EFG 140 and EFG 142 are low and medium protein level baits designed for spodding, stick mixes and Method feeders. They contain the ingredients that big carp, barbel and chub LOVE!

EFG 140 and EFG 142 are designed to attract and hold big fish. Marukyu’s exclusive Tanishi content ensures fish feed hard!

Designed by big fish anglers for big fish – if you are a proper carper. If the fish are really having a go try adding some of our PVA friendly Krill additives to the mix to make the ultimate Stick and Method Mix.

At a glance

  • Infused with Tanishi
  • Developed for Big Fish
  • Use for Big Carp, Big Barbel, Big Anything
  • High Nutritional Value
  • EFG 142 is Ideal for Stick Mixes


EFG 140 (Fine Particle version)

EFG 142 (Big Particle version)

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EFG 140 142 Groundbaits
Marukyu EFG 150 & 151 £4.99 900g

Marukyu EFG 150 & EFG 151 Both groundbaits are packed full of attractants and more importantly are very high in nutrional value. This means that they not only attract fish – but also have the ability to hold fish in the swim.

The particles are very active and will spread further drawing fish in from a big distance. In warm water conditions the fish are not always going to feed hard on the bottom, especially in deep water.

EFG 150 and 151 come into their own here as with a soft squeeze they will rain their particles slowly down in the swim.

This is an ‘all temperature’ bait but engineered to be very effective in warm water conditions.

At a glance

  • Infused with Nori
  • Perfect for Feeder or Method
  • Mix 2-1 for an explosive mix
  • Perfect for commercial fisheries
  • Ideal for F1 Carp, Bream & Tench


EFG 150 (Fine Particle version)

EFG 151 (Medium Particle version)

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Tenkamasu E161
Marukyu EFG 161 (Tenkamasu) £4.99 900g

Marukyu EFG 161 EFG 161 is actually the world’s best selling groundbait. Called Tenkamasu in Japan – EFG 161 is described by many in Britain as the ultimate Method mix.

The sweet fishy smelling bait has a sticky texture when mixed – yet will not clog and will breakdown very quickly in your swim, creating both visual and scent attraction.

EFG 161 comprises 28 main ingredients plus a host of Marukyu’s secrets including our proprietary Tanishi (water snail) and Sanagi (silkworm chrysalis – think giant caster!). The result is a groundbait packed full of special feeding triggers and amino acids – making it a year round winner.

On lightly-stocked venues, the feeding triggers EFG 161 releases will draw fish away from natural food; on pressurised venues, these triggers will over-ride the caution with which fish approach potential food; and because the smell and taste of both Tanishi and Sanagi are complex, this bait will not ‘blow’ and become ineffective.

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EFG661 Krill Ready Mix
Marukyu EFG 661 Krill Ready Mix £4.99 900g

Marukyu EFG 661 Krill Ready Mix A bait that is ready to use straight out of the bag! Marukyu has developed an advanced process meaning that we are able to add even more attractants to a bait than could ever be achieved just by adding water.

Krill Ready Mix features krill particles, krill extract and specially formulated krill oils and liquids - all perfectly sealed in a bag, ready to go! Due to the inherently high protein levels in this bait, it is suited to bigger fish.

Krill Ready Mix is designed for big fish. The high levels of specially processed Antarctic krill and extracts give this bait more ‘pull’ than any we have come across.

The PVA-friendly Krill Ready Mix can be used as a method, stick mix, can be potted into margins, balled or used in a traditional cage feeder.

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EFG 170 Nori-G
Marukyu EFG 170 Nori-G £4.99 900g

Marukyu EFG 170 Nori-G - After two years of development, Marukyu is very proud of its new ‘silver fish’ groundbait, Nori-G. Nori-G has been designed specifically to draw fish in from distance.

The fine particle bait is packed full of attractants, yet has minimum food value.

The result is a bait that makes the fish look for your free offerings... and specifically... your hookbait! Depending on how you mix Nori-G, it can be used for feeder, method, cupping or balling. The only limitation is your imagination.

All silver fish, but especially roach, bream and tench. Can also be used for carp and F1s when little or no feed value is required.

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Sanagi Powder (SFA 440/441) £9.99 900g

Marukyu Sanagi SFA 440 Sanagi SFA 441 The unique Marukyu formula of Sanagi offers exceptional attraction for carp. Marukyu researchers have developed a number of Sanagi baits in response to different fishing situations.

They can be used individually or as special ingredients into a bait mix. Use SFA 440 (fine) and SFA 441 (Medium) in base mixes and groundbaits to boost your protein content.

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